The following are the specific objectives of SAUCE. The Project will:

1. Define asset types, descriptors, pipeline requirements and use scenarios for media systems that are capable of supporting, generating, storing and re-purposing smart assets with a very high level of automation.

2. Research and develop methods of generating smart world-views by capturing and processing light-fields, augmenting them with semantics and making them usable for media production pipelines.

3. Research and develop a framework and tools for automatically classifying, validating and finding smart assets, using deep learning and semantic labelling techniques to describe and draw inferences from two dimensional and three-dimensional data.

4. Research and develop a framework and tools for the automatic transformation and adaptation of smart assets to new contexts, purposes, users and environments, and for the synthesis of new smart assets from existing one.

5. Develop and demonstrate real-time control systems for authoring animated content using smart assets, automatically synthesising new scenes from existing ones and integrating smart assets into virtual production scenarios with editable cameras and lights

6. Develop and test a storage system for smart assets that combines local and cloud storage so that assets can be delivered irrespective of the user or asset location.

7. Test the prototype technologies and tool-kits in a series of experimental productions and evaluate their performance in realistic contexts of professional use.

8. Demonstrate and promote the above concepts and prototypes to the media industry and its users, including publishing a draft specification for an open standard, for industry approval, adoption and development by third parties.