The SAUCE consortium is composed of 9 partners from 6 different European countries, coordinated by UPF.

SAUCE involves two SMEs and one large company. The SMEs are Foundry - the largest European technology provider of high quality software for film and TV and IKINEMA - the fast-growing innovative animation software provider for film and games. The third industrial partner is Double Negative - the largest European BAFTA and Academy Award winning Visual Effects House.
There are two research institutes with very close ties with industry, DRZ associated to Disney and IVCI-USAAR associated to Intel; two high-class research universities with long standing collaboration with the media industry, TCD and UPF, complemented with BUT, whose links with media industry are more recent; and a highly creative media school with research and industry links, Filmakademie.

The nine partners combined together provide the required expertise that this project needs to meet the objectives that will realise the impacts targeted.
The partners cover all parts of digital asset re-use in terms of creation, consumption & visualisation; the industries are complementary in terms of the targets of their activity; the industrial research institutes combine research expertise and impact potential; the research universities have complementary expertise within a very high profile, they provide specific concentrations of specialist effort. The school provides an excellent base for continuous creative testing of SAUCE innovations all along the project, complementing the industrial testing.