Asset Pipeline Docs

D2.1-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 319Kb)

Justin Sneddon

D2.1 Report on Extension of Digital Asset Types and Reuse Scenarios [M3]
The following document aims to define the rationale behind the need for a domain specific search, recovery and reuse system in the vfx industry and to define clear use cases for the partners to verify their solutions in work package 4 against.

D2.3_Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 620Kb)

William Greenly

D2.3 Report on modules, transformations & APIs for Framework [M6]
This document outlines provides analysis of asset descriptors, proposes a new generalised asset descriptor and describes a search and transformation framework for discovering and
reusing assets

D5.1-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 550Kb)

Marcelo Bertalmio
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

5.1 Initial Report on Environment Adaptation [M12]
A key element that will allow for the reuse of smart assets will be tools which can transform between the many varieties of assets that fall under the wide net of creative media production. While there are many such transforms which have already been developed and successfully implemented in various production software packages, many incompatibilities exist between assets. This often results in unnecessary manual labor for the production to make new assets or convert older ones through some manual process. For transforming assets between different color representations, gamut and tone mapping methods are in development. For the purpose of personalizing assets to the display, viewing conditions, and perceptual behavior of the observer, methods for determining optimal system gamma, compensating for induction effects, and correcting for inter-observer perceptual variability are also being researched.

D4.1.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.39Mb)

William Greenly

D4.1 Smart Search Framework POC [M12]
A report that demonstrates and describes the architecture and capabilities of the smart search framework along with a proof of concept graphical user interface.

D5.2.pdf (Adobe PDF - 309Kb)

William Greenly

D5.2 Initial Demo of Tools to Transform Asset Representation[M15]
Demonstration of Asset Types and their capabilities being recognised by the framework for linking together.

D4.2.pdf (Adobe PDF - 367Kb)

William Greenly

D4.2 Tools to validate and upgrade assets [M18]
Vocabulary and tools to describe deprecated assets and provide methods to upgrade and update them

D5.3.pdf (Adobe PDF - 346Kb)

William Greenly

D5.3 Basic framework to enable asset transform [M18]
A report that demonstrates and describes the architecture and capabilities of the transformation framework along with examples and documentation

D7.1-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 445Kb)

Sam Hudsen, Simon Robinson

D7.1 Asset Store Design [M24]
This report describes the asset store design and shows how the asset store and its API’s allow integration from other
SAUCE project partners. The design addresses the requirements for a type-agnostic, versionable, distributed, replicated asset store with high redundancy and high availability.

D5.6.pdf (Adobe PDF - 2.99Mb)

Sam Hudsen, Tom Mulvaney, Dan Ring

D5.6 Demo of Transcode Mechanism [M27]
One of the key aims of SAUCE is to create multiple versions of the same asset that are appropriate to its (re)use scenario. To do this requires a transcoding mechanism. This task will develop a scheduling system to trigger the appropriate transcoding mechanism. It will also allow the different types of the same asset to be linked via their associated descriptors. The development will allow efficient generation of assets via multiple transcode applications for use globally and for re-purpose in different sectors (e.g. a low-polygon model for VR or games and a high-polygon model for film)

D5.7-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 108Kb)

Peri Friend, Sam Hudsen, Dan Ring

D5.7 Report on Environment Adaptation A [M30]
This document covers the topic of the Flix extension to be useable in new contexts, for different post-production tasks
and purposes. Covering Flix as an asset store and Flix workflow extensions enabled by interoperability with other pipeline tools.

D5.8.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.53Mb)

Trevor Canham, Marcelo Bertalmío
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

D5.8 Report on Environment Adaptation B [M30]
This deliverable presents a color management pipeline which can be used to translate image appearance between viewing scenarios which differ with regard to various relevant parameters.

D7.2.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.90Mb)

Sam Hudsen, Peri Friend, Dan Ring

D7.2 Prototype Asset Store [M30]
Currently assets are stored local or cloud-only. FO bridges the gap between cloud and on-premise storage, depending on user requirements. Task D7.1 planned out the design to cater for the different types of assets and the load- sharing between local and cloud servers, focusing on redundancy and availability. This deliverable revisits some of those key points, describes how USD and light fields can be integrated into the store and demonstrates a simple plugin to show how an external application can be written with relative simplicity to interact with the Flix Server Storage API to retrieve assets stored in the asset store. We use this plugin to demonstrate key high availability features.

D7.3.pdf (Adobe PDF - 1.31Mb)

Sam Hudsen

D7.3 Final Digital Asset Store supporting Geolocation [M33]
WP7T2 has taken the prototype developed in WP5T5 and extended it to cater for handling of assets that are being shared by projects that have multiple locations globally. To handle this, development of the store is built on top of a modern REST architecture. This allows hybrid user technologies (mobile, web desktop) to be used so that users can collaborate on the same project using their preferred device