Project Docs

D1.1.pdf (Adobe PDF - 616Kb)

Guillem Antó, Marcelo Bertalmío, Josep Blat
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

D1.1 Project HandBook Quality Plan [M2]
The Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the project procedures with specific examples. It also gives an overview of consortium partners, communication procedures and describes in detail how documents related to the project should be formatted.

D1.2-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 330Kb)

Tom Evans, Josep Blat, Marcelo Bertalmío
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

D1.2 Self Assessment Plan [M6]
The Self-Assessment Plan sets out the measures against which the project’s operational performance will be assessed, including the measurement of progress toward achieving the Objectives, advances on the state of the art and the meeting of targets for technical performance, user engagement and impact. It includes a detailed self-assessment plan for each task within each WP from 2 to 9, recalling the objective of each task, and outlining the evaluation strategy, the success indicators and the timetable, with the level of detail appropriate at this early stage of the project. We conclude by indicating how the project intends to follow up the implementation of the plan and its update through the different deliverables.

D9.1.pdf (Adobe PDF - 4.82Mb)

Author: Sara Coppola-Nicholson

D9.1 Project Website [M6]
Describes the completion and design of the project website.

D9.2-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 391Kb)

Josep Blat, Marcelo Bertalmío, Guillem Antó
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

D9.2 Data Management Plan [M6]
This deliverable summarises first the type of data which the project intends to release, namely, publications, software, professional data and derivatives. It outlines the access strategy for each type of deliverable, which is standard open access for the publications and partly open access for software, and the rest of professional data. It discusses technical details of hosting, cost, transfer, security, etc. The plan will be updated in the reports dealing with WP8 and WP9.

D9.3-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 245Kb)

Sara Coppola-Nicholson

D9.3 Initial Exploitation and Dissemination Plan [M12]
Lays out the dissemination activities in the first year and plans for the second. Includes detailed exploitation plans from all the partners.

D8.1-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 643Kb)

Author: Simon Spielmann
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

D8.1 Report on Best Experimental Production Scenarios [M12]
This deliverable provides a detailed overview of potential experimental production scenarios and their requirements for tools and technologies developed throughout the SAUCE project. Concrete scenarios are described, which are intended to evaluate a wide range of technologies developed within SAUCE. These include lightfield capturing and postprocessing, smart assets, the asset transformation and search framework, crowd simulation editing and (semi-)automated adaptation to new environments, semantic animations and intuitive virtual production tools. All productions are targeted to evaluate one or more developments in WP8T3 Prototype Evaluation. A single production evaluating all aspects of SAUCE has proven to be insufficient. The described productions also provide an impression on the impact of the achievements to the VFX and creative industries of the future. In addition to the description of potential experimental productions, this document also summarises the requirements for the developed technologies to make the experimental productions achievable.

D8.2-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 629Kb)

Author: Jonas Trottnow
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

D8.2 Interim Experimental Production Evaluation Report [M24]
This deliverable provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of all planned, running and past experimental productions. All aspects developed within SAUCE are mapped to at least on experimental production. In addition, the ‘Unfolding’ and ‘Elements’ light field experimental productions, already carried out, are evaluated.

D9.4-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 285Kb)

Peri Friend, Simon Robinson, Josep Blat

D9.4 Exploitation and Dissemination Plan Update [M12]
Report on exploitation and dissemination activities in the previous year and update of the plan for future exploitation, dissemination and use of knowledge.

D8.3-Extract.pdf (Adobe PDF - 188Kb)

William Greenly
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

D8.3 Evaluation Plan [M30]
This document provides a set of comprehensive evaluation plans for a number of work packages contained in the SAUCE project. We begin by providing background and context to the evaluation plans, reaffirm the goals and objectives and provide a methodology for assessment.