TCD Release new Light Field Paper

High Quality Light Field Extraction and Post-Processing for Raw Plenoptic Data

Available to download here

Whilst not formerly part of SAUCE, this paper is the background TCD provided as the input to SAUCE, which was used and extended in other deliverables and presentations.

Pierre Matysiak ; Mairéad Grogan ; Mikaël Le Pendu ; Martin Alain ; Emin Zerman ; Aljosa Smolic

Light field technology has reached a certain level of maturity in recent years, and its applications in both computer vision research and industry are offering new perspectives for cinematography and virtual reality. Several methods of capture exist, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. One of these methods involves the use of handheld plenoptic cameras. While these cameras offer freedom and ease of use, they also suffer from various visual artefacts and inconsistencies. We propose in this paper an advanced pipeline that enhances their output. After extracting sub-aperture images from the RAW images with our demultiplexing method, we perform three correction steps. We first remove hot pixel artefacts, then correct colour inconsistencies between views using a colour transfer method, and finally we apply a state of the art light field denoising technique to ensure a high image quality. An in-depth analysis is provided for every step of the pipeline, as well as their interaction within the system. We compare our approach to existing state of the art sub-aperture image extracting algorithms, using a number of metrics as well as a subjective experiment. Finally, we showcase the positive impact of our system on a number of relevant light field applications.