25th June 2019
SAUCE@TechTalks Stuttgart
Jonas Trottnow and Simon Spielmann of Filmakademie gave a talk on the SAUCE project at Tech Talks Stuttgart.

17th May 2019
SAUCE presents...

17th May 2019
The experimental lightfield production Unfolding was discussed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Herfet, Simon Spielmann and Jonas Trottnow as part of the FMX Track Tools of Tomorrow.
SAUCE was also showcased at the Filmakademie booth:

25th April 2019
UPF web tool showcasing how virtual character skeletons are behaving around a virtual scene. The characters are controlled by a Behaviour Tree Graph, which can be easily created from scratch by low coding and can become as complex as the user desires. As in the creation of behaviours for the characters, the creation of elements on the scene can be done with simple steps. Above all, the tool will be completely intuitive and, therefore, accessible to everybody. This makes it support more use cases.
Next step is focusing the research effort into "Motion Stylisation"

19th March 2019
IKINEMA Style Shapes and In-game Retargeting: Next-generation Technology
IKINEMA’s vision to simplify and accelerate game character stylisation to create convincing body animation with RunTime in any game engine.

13th March 2019
Ladies and gentlemen.... Filmakademie R&D Reel 2019!

19th January 2019
SAUCE Lightfield Shoot "Unfolding"

17th January 2019
IKINEMA is introducing StyleShapes – the new “blend-shapes” for body animation! Repurpose, customize and reuse animation in RunTime and procedurally. Combine IKINEMA’s new In Game Retargeting for next level GameDev!

10th January 2019
Lightfield production "Unfolding" was shot with Saarland University innovative lightfield capture system, on a script and technical planning developed by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in collaboration with DoP Matthias Bolliger.
FMX2019 will cover this production in detail. In the meantime, watch the video!

18th October 2019
SAUCE Lightfield Test Shoot

V-SENSE is a team of 20+ researchers (half postdocs half PhDs) in Visual Computing at the intersection of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Media Signal Processing. The team is building a dynamic environment where enthusiastic young scientists with different backgrounds get together to shape the future in fundamental as well as applied research projects.

6th June 2018
The Research and Development department at Animationsinstitut consists of a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the creation of innovative tools and technologies, not only for entertainment productions, but also for alternative and more socially engaged applications.