LED Light wall showcase

Filmakademie showcase the Asset Pipeline and VPET toolset in Virtual Production Scenario

In July 2020 experimental production tests were carried out by Filmakademie in an LED stage, employing multiple aspects developed by several partners within SAUCE.
The LED Cave was built by LEDitgo in Mannheim, Germany. The wall and ceiling was covered in LED at high resolution. The LED Cave is showcased here

The showcase demonstrated two virtual production scenarios:

  • In the first, 360 HDR footage for the LED walls were sourced from the Search and Transformation framework created by DNEG, providing a quick and intuitive way to locate and change assets
  • In the second scenario we rendered a Unity scene to the LED wall and adjusted characters and objects with VPET, the Virtual Production Toolset created by Filmakademie. Based on Motion Capturing data recorded and released by Filmakademie, Machine Learning has been used to learn how a human moves. The resulting neuronal network is capable of animating a user directed character in VPET in real-time. This has been integrated as a so-called animation engine into the Virtual Production Editing Tools by Filmakademie.

Find out more about the Asset Pipeline

More information on this work can be found in the recent Digipro Paper SAUCE: Asset Libraries of the Future